Use Rhino in In-Place Mass / In-Place Family

Hi there,

I might just be missing something obvious, but I can’t open Rhino when I’m in an In-place Mass / In-Place Family.

On the other hand the AddForm.ByGeometry component tells me this:
“1. Document is not a family document, nor a document editing an in-place family.”

The related component AddForm.ByCurve seems to know about the limitations with In-Place Mass/Family:
“1. This component can only run in Conceptual Mass Family editor”

While Dynamo is not running in an In-Place mass, might Rhino be able to do so?
I am somewhat confused. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for any clarification!

Also a big Thank you for developing all of this, it is so refreshing to see a company beeing so open an so quick in developement, while others seem to move as slow as possible for whatever reason.

AddForm components are there to create forms in families only, included Mass families.

I rewrite the error messages to be more precise.
As you pointed out is not possible to run any other Revit command while you are editing and in-place Mass element, nor Rhino :wink:.

Thanks for explaning!

One other thing that I encountered recently is, that Revit tends to crash when I use Elk for OSM stuff.
While Grasshopper outside of Revit is able to handle a city of 2.2 million people in 12h, Grasshopper inside Revit makes Revit crash with 1/100 of the data.
But I guess It is again just Revit not beeing able to handle all the data. :roll_eyes:

Anyway, keep up the good work! I really appreciate it!