Rhino Inside for conceptural mass

In our daily work, primarily on design competitions, we would like to integrate Revit more. Is it possible to use the Rhino.Inside bridge in the following way:

We do our mass modelling in rhino, shift the simple mass to Revit and set levels and plans inside Revit. When changing the shape of the mass in Rhino, the floors update accordingly. Then we would use Rhino native modelling tools, which everybody use in the firm, and then use Revit to draw plans, calculate areas and have schematic info’s.

Hope it makes sense.

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It looks like you are trying to make a form in rhino then bring it into revit as a mass family then place mass floors etc is that correct? if so that is possible see image of BOX in Rhino and GH components used to make a Mass family (.rfa) file then GH places the family in Revit. THEN manually activate mass floors. you see them in the Revit image. Oh the ATST was done just to prove more complex geometry is possible but it is a bit touchy. Hope this helps.

think it might be useful to be able to assign mass floors to mass families in a revit document through Grasshopper/RIR specially for masterplanning. I know you can assign mass floors to multiple families at once manually in revit, but often happens that different programs/uses have different floor to floor heights so doing this manually might not be the most efficient way