Massing without editing option using Rhino Inside

Hi, I’ve just started using Rhino Inside with Revit 2020. I created a simple volume watertight and export it to Revit via Grasshopper using the add geometry DirectShape component. Once in Revit the massing, it’s not editable. Any Ideas what am I doing wrong? Is it possible?

DirectShape elements in Revit are not editable. They’re created as wrappers for the type of geometry that is not native in Revit or has been created using Revit geometry creation tools

Thanks for the answer. How can I then import into revit a massing that I can edit?

It’s not possible to bring custom geometry as Editable in Revit unless you are creating your own import scripts that would recreate your geometry in Revit using native tools

Ok that explains it. Thank you

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What about the form tool in a conceptual mass or generic model family? This is editable.

I need to check with @kike but I don’t think we have components to handle form tools in Conceptual Masses, yet.

I checked yesterday and it was working which is exciting to see


I think I have the same question. I am trying to transfer a volume from Rhino to Revit as an editable mass. The goal is to:

  1. Apply exterior walls into that editable mass
  2. Apply mass floors and get area data from the editable mass/ mass floors into a schedule

@parametricmonkey1 Can you develop further the “form tool” method. It sounded as what I am aiming for. Thank you in advance!

With the New Family Component you can only add geometry by assigning to the family categories in the Revit Family Template folder. But if you want system families like Mass is not working yet.

Or if it does, how do you fill the Template parameter? or how do you add another new component to a system family?

Thank you

A setup like this should help you to create geometry on a Mass Family to attach walls and roofs to it.

Unfortunately there is no API to create in-place mass elements.

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