Use of VA Building input component


could someone explain to me what use could VA building input component have? I mean I can understand that as input it takes the Building from Level manager, but what applications could it have?
I have in mind that in a project with several buildings it could be really useful, but is it possible for instance match all the walls,windows, slabs from this specific building to the building of the Level manager? If yes, how could we achieve this?
Thanks in advance


Hi @zabrielza VA buildings are containers of Levels. They are necessary in GH if you want to generate Buildings and levels there. Objects in VA are not linked or belong to a Building or to a specific level. That means that if you change a Level elevation (in Rhino), objects won’t update their position. We have plans in future versions and make objects linked to levels.
The reason to handle multiple Buildings right now is to manage different elevations in the model space, which are each related to a specific Building. But objects in the model space don’t belong to one Building or another. However, you can figure out in which Level an object is located according to its elevation and using the Get Level component.