How to move VA geometry to another Building's Floor in Levels


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Hello forum,
I’m still learning VA, so please sorry if the question is rather silly.

I was creating all of my geometry inside of one Building (“Health care”). Now when I’m almost done I tried to reorganise some of the buildings to another Buildings to fully hide them and get rid of the lag on my laptop. I can’t find a way to put geometry from one level of one building to the same level of another building. If I understood the concept of levels correctly this is a great way to neatly organise geometry in each building.

If this is not the case would it be possible to add a feature where you can work on buildings individually? So when I work on Healthcare facility I only see its levels and nothing else or when I work on Block 07 I only see its 2 levels and can jump between them and work on its details without seeing the whole project and lag around. Also it would be nice to be able to resize the tabs (even hide some of them) and change buildings’ order (like in layer panel).

Thanks for any help.


Hi Tim,
The “buildings” in the VisualARQ Level Manager are used to organize levels at different elevations, so these levels have a construction plane at their elevation and a Cut Plane that is used to show them in Plan Views. But these buildings don’t have a specific boundary area to define their limits in plan views and goemetry is not attached to them or to the levels. We may consider these features in future versions though.
The on/off button next to the building icon is used to unhide at once all the levels in that building.

Thank you for all your suggestions. I take note of all of them and hopefully we can work on them soon. The buildings are listed in the Level Manager alphabethically, so you can control their order by changing their names.


Since objects are not still attached to levels or buildings up to the 1.9 version, if you want to move them from one level of a building to another level of a different building (or even the same building), you just need to move them “manually” to the corresponding elevation of the level. If that level has the same elevation as the original level, you don’t really need to move the objects.

(Tim) #4

Hi, yeah I see, so far I was using it this way, I usually just copy one level and move it up to the level above, very convenient.
But now I have too much going on in the scene, I can hide windows and doors with layers (which are also made conveniently and I like that they are managed automatically) so that can decrease the lag but even with slabs and walls it is still rather slow sometimes and I thought about hiding separate buildings. I understand that different levels are basically omnipotent XD and applied for all the buildings and that I can’t hide buildings separately like layers, I think it is rather inconvenient for medium and large scale projects (I’m working on graduation project for dementia care facility and already have 8 functional blocks).
I don’t know your development plans but if you have some room for change in this direction I’d like to suggest a feature for “buildings” to act like layers in a sense of hiding their contents separately, despite the fact that some of the geometry is sitting on the same level with the rest. Something like a group or a block but not too restricted in manipulation.
For example if I set the levels for building 1 and building 2, even if they have the same elevations, building 1 acts like a separate functioning group or box with it’s levels and geometry as contents of this group, separate from building 2 (unless I add it to selection). If I need to see a general plan I can turn on global level system that will treat layers by the elevation or order or any other options that I can set. This way I can conveniently control each building and choose all the doors or other things within that building to change them to another style (which happened to me today, I had to change hinged doors in patient apartments to sliding doors and since select ‘hinged’ style doors works globally on the same level (or levels throughout the whole model, I don’t remember) I had to clean up the selection to only change those doors that are in apartments).
I hope what I’m saying is clear enough and reasonable. Please feel free to explain or ask questions, I hope I can help make VA a better tool.


Tim, thanks for your suggestions. It’s all clear. We may develop this feature to hide and show buildings for a better workflow in future versions. I’ll keep you posted.


@timglobal Since VisualARQ 2 this is already possible.