Get all vaLevels in document in gh

Hi @fsalla,

Thank you for the great plugin.
I was wondering how do I get all the vaLevels in the gh file? AFAIK I can see that levels can be defined in GH but I would like the levels to come from the rhino doc instead of defining the levels again in gh or by extracting levels from elements.

PS. If there is a python way of doing this currently also that will be fine to me.

Hi @keshavanarayan82, you can use the Building Param to reference buildings in Grasshopper. Then you can use the Deconstruct Building and Deconstruct Level to obtain their details.

Also you can use the Get Level component to obtain the level where an object is located (based on its position)

Thanks for the suggestion. But the issue is all of the objects in the doc are rhino breps and not varq objects.

You can also use the Get Level component with Rhino Breps.


I see. But what does the building input expect. I tried the name of the building as a text and it didn’t work.

You need to select a Building entity in the model (just a string won’t be accepted), by doing right-click and selecting Set one Building.


Before doing that, you can create the buildings and levels from the Level Manager panel (vaLevels command):

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Now I feel dumb haha. Thanks for your patience.

You are welcome! :wink: