Multiple buildings in a design file

There is an option to add several buildings in a file but I wonder what is the use of it? I can see that some years ago a guy asked similiar question, but still without a satisfactory answer… Currently I’m working on a two buildings setting and I think it would be a great option to assign elements respectively. And a possibility to control displaying each one, independently. Or maybe there is something I just miss?
Cheers, Jaro

Hi Jaro,
Currently, the option to have multiple buildings in a project can be useful to handle different levels and elevations. Each one related to one building or another. In future versions we will add an option to define a boundary limits for a building, so you will be able to isolate the view of objects inside one or another.

Hello Frances,
Do you have some example of such handling? When I try to add buildings and their levels - and the levels are set at the same position, I get somewhat disturbing message that there are several active levels within different buildings… And the names should be unique, I can’t have two buildings with “ground level”, for example… I don’t think it is the way it should be… OK, changing the overall level for each building works (as it normally happens), but it is not so explicit…

So, are you planning something like display boundaries? Something like clipping box for displaying? What will be used as this box, a cube or any kind of shape? What if some relations between buildings are more complicated, like when refurbishing building or a group of buildings? Maybe such boundaries won’t be too effective for selecting different buildings’ elements, maybe the better option would be just assigning elements to a building? As a superior element in the hierarchy?

Cheers, Jaro

And small note: when giving a name with a dash, for example “BUILDING-1” there must be a bug. Adding a second building, “BUILDING-2” automatically changes the name of the first one to “BUILDING-2”. Replacing this dash with a regular space works, however.
Cheers, Jaro

Imagine a sloped terrain with 2 buidings. One sits on 0 elevation, and the other to 1 meter elevation. Managing their elevations with 2 different buildings can help to switch between construction planes of one or another.

It doesn’t make sense right now to have 2 buildings if their corresponding levels are in the same elevations.

Only the Building names have to be different. But each building can have levels with the same name.

We still need to study it, but I guess so.

Initially, the boundary limits will be the extrusion of a rectangle. But I guess you will be able to define also a curve or a polyline). We will see how this feature evolves.

the volume generated by the boundary limits of each building will let you isolate what’s included from the rest of the project. But this won’t prevent you from displaying buildings at the same time and the geometry in each one.

You are right. The name of the first building changes unvoluntarely. We will fix this.