Retrieve Building or Level Information from Grasshopper or Rhinocommon

Hello, my team has an ongoing project that we are working on and came across a roadblock when trying to reference (inside grasshopper) an existing VisualArq level or building that exists as a user created element in Rhino.

So far we have tried to retrieve the levels as clipping planes in the C# rhinocommon api:

RhinoObject[] ClippingPlanes = doc.Objects.FindByObjectType(DocObjects.ObjectType.ClipPlane);

with no clipping planes returned.
Of course you can right click on the grasshopper building component and choose “Set One Building,” but we are looking for a way to retrieve or build that information without that interaction.


Hello @chris.kinney,

This is not possible for now. It is planned to include buildings and levels in the VisualARQ Pipeline Grasshopper component, so I have added your vote to this feature.

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