Urgent: rhino WIP crash with bitmaps

4 active views, 2 are personalized and contain a focal opening bitman. From now on, if I try to select one of the two views with the bitman, Rhino crashes permanently (only forced exit). If I try to work on the current view selected (perspective) objects are slow in the pan and orbit controls and respond so late. The only thing I could do was copy the entire file and paste it into a new file. The new file does not contain obviously customized views (there were 2) bitman (2) and plans c saved (2) and everything works perfectly. This makes me conclude that there is something wrong in the only three variables (bitman, named views, plans saved c) I would kindly ask you to verify if this is only my problem. I work a lot with the opening and the focal bitman, to match the model to the image. Sometimes it takes ten minutes to properly orient the model with the image.

Can you provide the bitmaps used as well as the 3dm? You can send them in to tech@mcneel.com or use www.rhino3d.com/upload if they’re too large to email. Please reference this forum thread too in the message or upload. If you can post here, that’s fine too.

I’m not sure what you meant by a focal opening in a viewport so please explain more if you can. Also list the steps you go through using named views and named cplanes so we can try to reproduce this here. Thanks!

Ok sending the file.

which I enter recipient email?
Edit: ok, sending ( 3 file)

Fixed. I had changed (without noticing) mesh settings (File> Settings> Mesh set of network rendering tailored to the scene.) Restoring the setting fast and everything returned to normal operation.
Thank you @BrianJ