Crash whenever a Named View is opened

Hi all,

We had this issue while using the WIP and unfortunately it is still there with the official V6.
Essentially the named view function is rendered useless, as Rhino crashes whenever a view is double-clicked. I’ve tried it with all files, happens to new files too. Since I couldn’t find this issue in the forums, it could be just us?
A pretty big feature to not have, worked absolutely fine on Windows.


Have you tested this in the SR17 candidate?
In the Rhinoceros pull-down menu, Preferences, General tool, change the update frequency to “Service Release Candidate”. It will download in the background and will give you some updated tools.

Can you repeat the crash with it?

Hi John,

Yes, the same thing happens every time. Here is the error message I got.


So far I can not repeat it.
Can you please post a simple file with a named view that crashes when you try to open it? Please accurately and fully describe which specific interface tools you are using and how. If I can repeat the crash here, I can get it to a developer to find and fix it.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this, John.
However, like I said, it happens to any file. Here is an empty file it happened with.

I have also been having freezing issues with the last candidate, so I reverted to the previous version.
Perhaps there is an apple-side problem to this?
crash file.3dm (2.8 MB)