Edit: Mesh split/trim Split from curve not working(Download link)

Hi all,

Please take a look at the file. (~70MB) Meshsplit/ trim Split from curve commands seem not working on this. Please try cutting this mesh object from different locations. It doesn’t work… What can I do for this? Thanks !


There is no file as far as I can see. Maybe 70 MB is too large?

Hi Menno,

Thanks! I didn’t notice this. I included download link now.


That’s not really the type of complex mesh(there are nonmanifold and self-intersecting bits to it) that spliting from a curve works well with, I was able to trim off a random section using mesh faces.


Would you show a picture that it works well? Not here.


Well I took a pretty simple looking projection and split it off…where you’re wanting to split is probably more troublesome…

Hi jim,
What command did you use? The way you address things is too simple. How many parts or where did you try to split?

Edit: It seems you made a cutting plan according to the picture. I tried this way but it’s not working well. I could not split the object completely.