Upgrade Zoo from version 5 to 6 - no license available anymore

could you please help me - I can’t start Rhino 6 - there is no license available. on the Zoo server I made an update of the existing licenses for version 5 to version 6 - in the Zoo server the licenses are available for both versions. is there any log file or where can I see the problem?

Hi @markus.straub

If you not using Zoo 6 SR5 (6.5.18102.04091, 4/12/2018), then try this:

1.) From the ZooAdmin, remove your Rhino 6 keys.
2.) Download and install Zoo 6 SR5.
3.) Run ZooAdmin and re-add your Rhino 6 keys.

If you are running Zoo 6 SR5, then download and run the ZooDiagnostic utility to hopefully discover why the workstation cannot see the Zoo server.

Does this help?

– Dale

Hi Dale - thank you for your assistance - the problem was the firewall of the server. now everything’s fine. Regards Markus