Upgrade license from rhino 5 to 6 serverzoo

i have 21 licences of rhino 5.0 commercial available in my zoo server, i want to upgrade 12 licences to rhino 6.0 commercial;
how can i proceed?
how can go back to the original codes ( of the 12 licences to upgrade) uploaded to the zoo server?
to upgrade the supplier asks me for the original codes)

Hi Alessandro,

You will need your previous v5 License Keys (they begin RH50-) on upgrade installation, you do not need to forward these to your supplier / reseller, they only require your go ahead in order to supply the Rhino 6 Upgrade License Keys. If you have lost your Rhino 5 License Keys you can use this lookup tool:


The serial number requested via above link can be extracted from your Zoo.

Hope that helps