Upgrade to 8 feels like a UI downgrade from 7

I was excited for the upgrade to 8 and all of the new features it includes, but the UI feels like it has been gutted of all the features that made the mac version more fluid than the windows version.

Now I am stuck in between 8 and 7 to try to avoid losing productivity as a result of the changes (right click display mode change, viewport toolbar move, some of the odd ui bugs like titles causing toolbar resizing to be redundantly long).

This is all unfortunate and I do hope McNeel decides to revert some of these decisions. If anything, these features from 7 should have been ported to the windows version, not gut the mac version of its more fluid UI…

Well, that is a completely subjective opinion…

agreed, and that is my opinion that has been negatively affected by the upgrade.

I believe his opinion is the general consensus among Mac users…

Dunno, I prefer the Rhino 8 interface on the mac over the old one - the old one was to me unworkable.

Not really … But then I don’t have data on other users feelings.

The fact that some Mac users got used to, came to accept, or were not even aware, that they were being offered a “hobby” / limited, version of Rhino for so many years. While Pro work in many cases required a Window rhino]
So there’s a price to pay [in complexities and in accepting some ugly Window Rhino buttons

I mostly use the Mac version and I find this UI a welcome improvement. Also, since I have to teach Rhino to people using win and Mac versions, it saves me a ton of work duplicating instructions and videos for each platform. So kudos for McNeel for pushing this change.

Can you please be specific about the things you find a step backwards? If you can give me screenshots of what you’re talking about with the differences, I can make YouTrack issues to address some of them. There are a lot of changes we’ve made - some of them are subtle and unintentional, some intentional and harder to change.

Anyway, we’d love to accommodate what everyone wants. The biggest argument for all the changes in Rhino for Mac are not about “making it more like Windows” - we’re trying to accommodate a number of requests that come from many places. One request is to make it easier to teach Rhino across platforms. Another is to be able to work more fluidly between platforms. A third is to make it possible to customize Rhino in the more powerful ways that Windows users have always been able to do.

We knew that change was uncomfortable, and many of us have grown accustomed to Rhino 8 for Mac (I’ve been a Mac Rhino user almost exclusively for 10 years, but also was part of the transition process during the development of Rhino 8).

So - if you can be specific about the unwelcome changes, I’ll try to address them one at a time.

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