Updating Rhino 8 WIP

Hello @davidcockey, @eirannejad

If I’m logged in with my account, I don’t have the update.

(Yes, F5, Shift F5, open devtools and “Clear cache” is done)

If I take another browser, (without my registered account), I have the update.

The Rhino interface also tells me that there is no update to perform.


Did you click on “Check now” in the Updates panel?

For a while after an update is available Rhino will continue to report that “This Rhino is up-to-date” unless “Check now” has been used. Rhino may not actually check for updates when “Check for updates” is selected. It is an intentional feature to reduce workload on the server.


Absolutely, I tried that, but here are my interfaces:

Yes, I just realized the image I posted was from Rhino 6. I believe the “Check now” option was removed in Rhino 8 WIP so there is no way to check for updates until Rhino decides to check. @Brian is the person who could explain why.

If I download the installation with my other browser. Will this executable update my already installed version?

It should. I have downloaded Rhino updates using a browser, and then used the download to update Rhino. I don’t recall the details of how it worked.

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Probably intermediate server caches, I now have recent updates accessible.

There still is “check for update” under the help menu.
It opens the uptdate page of the options dialogue.

I was talking about the “Check now” box on the “Check for update” page. That box is not available in V8 WIP. See the comparison of “Check for update” pages in jmv’s post.

When Rhino reports “This Rhino is up-to-date” it means no updates were available the last time it checked for updates which may have been hours previously. Rhino does not automatically check for updates when the Updates page is opened or even when Rhino starts. The missing “Check now” box allowed the user to have Rhino immediately check for updates.

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I know, I was just under the impression that using “check for update” would trigger rhino to check McNeel’s servers…
Could be wrong though

“Check for update” does not trigger a check. The name is misleading. See the thread I linked to above for more discussion.