"This Rhino is up-to-date" but isn't

Hi, Rhino belives it is up to date, even though it isn’t. And it hasn’t checked for updates today either.

The key point here is that I often click the “Check Now…” option as I don’t trust Rhino to do a propper check by it self. (And not trusting the software is something I have to report, no matter how small the topic, as these emotions affects users on a sublime way)

I also feel that the “Check Now…” option should make Rhino check instead of opening a separate browser window so I can check manually as I expect software to be able to do the job, so either fix it or maybe just rename “Check Now…” to “Check The Webpage…” would help.

As I said, a small thing, but an important emotion IMO
(Typical designers… always nagging about emotions and impressions… :wink: )

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@brian Can you help here?

Hi Holo,

Sorry to take so long getting back to this - I think it can take Rhino up to 24 hours to see that there are new updates available. Did you wait to see, or did you go ahead and download from the web site?

What… wait to open a present? U r crazy… ofcourse I downloaded! :smile:

Simple question - why does “Check for updates” in the drop down menu do what the “Check now” in the panel do? Currently “Check for updates” does not check for updates, or at least not all the time.

Or should “Check for updates” really mean check to see if an update has already been downloaded and is available for immediate installation?