Update check not right working

Rhino is up-to-date but “Check now” show me an update at the web page.

I’ve experienced this too, probably for the last 4 or 5 weekly releases.


@brian, here one for you to look at.

I think the update system only checks every few hours for new builds - it doesn’t do it every time you open this dialog box (but maybe it should?)

If you wait a day, my guess is that the update will appear.

If I open the update UI that I expect a check is done in this moment. If I can’t be sure about the info than this info is useless for me. An info should be true and not a maybe. Or it should be written there - “This Rhino maybe upt-to-date.” :wink:

@brian The update system should absolutely check for updates when the dialog box is opened. It is very misleading to click on “Check for updates” and have the panel open and say “This Rhino is up to date” when there are updates available.

If I click on “Check for updates” I want to know if an update is available; not whether it was the last time the system checked.

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I agree. I can’t remember the last time that panel told me that there was an update available. Maybe never in the life of the WIP and beta. I always have to use “Check for updates”.


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Logged as RH-42820.

Maybe I should get rid of the “Check Now” link :slight_smile:

Sorry, I was going from memory when I wrote the above. I meant “Check Now”.
Interestingly, the automatic update works on my laptop, just not my desktop. I rely on that “Check now” link. I would miss it!


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No, you should make “Check now” occur automatically when the user clicks on “Check for updates”. That is how other software I use works.

What is the reason for the current behavior?

The update system uses an external process to check for updates, and that process takes time to complete. While it seems like it would be simple to just ping the update server and get an answer back “right now”, it doesn’t work that way - especially on networks behind proxy servers. In order to prevent the update system from flooding our servers with requests, it prevents itself from hitting our servers every time Rhino asks. Instead, if Rhino asked within the last hour (or day, for commercial builds), then it waits before it checks again.

For the vast majority of people, this is fine. In fact, if I stopped announcing when new WIPs were available on this forum, and took away the “Check Now” button, you would get a new build “soon enough” (within a few hours). It’s just because you think you should have it “right when I ask” that you’re disappointed.

Every time I’ve looked into the “Check for updates is broken on my computer” report, I have found that it’s not broken, it’s just waiting longer than the user wants. So, while this is irritating, and could be construed as a problem, it’s not one that is floating very high on my priority list.

Couldn’t be shown an info when the last update was done? So, the user could decide to manual check it or not.

It does show when the last check was done.

Thanks, I will keep my attention to this date. I suppose so if I will use Rhino 6 daily than it will be not so important to get the latest build soon as possible. At the moment I open Rhino 6 seldom, most for testing the latest build.