WIP update behaviour

something’s fishy…

The automated update is quite unreliable on version 7 too, hardly ever catching the current update on ist own. 9 out of 10 times I have to chose “check now”

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On a side note: Why doess the “check now” button has to point to the McNeel website via browser?
Wouldn’t it be more elegant to just trigger the request for automated checking for a new version?

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I never let the auto update handle it, instead I always click “check now”, download the latest version and install it myself. not sure why I prefer it that way, I guess it’s personal preference. so I personally don’t mind this behaviour.

“Check for Updates” does not check for updates when it is opened. It always reports “This Rhino is up-to-date” unless a new version has already been downloaded and is awaiting installation, or a new version is being downloaded.

To actually check for updates the user needs to open “Check for Updates” and then click on “Check now”.

This apparently is the intended behavior and has been discussed in previous threads. @brian has explained why this is considered desirable.

I would prefer “Check for updates” to actually check for updates when opened.

Rhino automatically checks for updates (if this is set up in options) to download the new version directly through the Rhino.
I don’t quite understand at what intervalls though, merely restarting Rhino does not force a check for update.
What I am asking for is that the internal update check may be triggered manually if the user wishes to do so.

I think it’s once a day… I agree, it would be nice if it simply triggered the download if an update was available.

How would that be different than “Check for updates” followed by clicking on “Check now” which currently triggers an immediate update check. The user still has to start the download if an update is available.

My preference is “Check for updates” would immediately check and download an update if it was available.

My recollection is Brian previously explained that the current system is intended to spread out the load on the server with the updates, and that most updates are not critical and most users can wait up to a day for the update.

It is different in that I wouldn’t have to download through a browser and wouldn’t have to keep track of the installer files afterwards.
It’s a question of convenience as is any other automated task performed by a computer.
The process is already there, why not make better use of it?