Updated to Rhino 6 - software crash - lot of work seems to be lost

After installing rhino v6 I opened a recent file which I have been working on in rhino v5. It prompted a message:
“Auto Save disabled
Your file 20191105_…3dm is a Rhino V5 file.
Auto Save will not save any of your schanges until you have saved 20191105_…3dm as a Rhino V6 file.”
Whereas the file seemed to be zoomed out and I couldn’t see if there was anything at all on the file, I zoomed in with the “zoom extents all viewports” button on the left.
Then the software crashed.

I chose to reopen rhino and opened the same file again. This the file opened ok, but I can’t see the contents of many layers…especially nothing of the work I had been doing recently, it’s all gone. The layers are there but nothing appears on the screen when I try to open them.

Are you on Mac? (I don’t think the Windows version does this)

Hi thank you for replying…yes I’m on Mac

OK, I added the category to your topic. I’m not a Mac expert here, but can you open V5 for Mac and via versions go back and see if any of the previous versions of your file have the stuff that is missing?

Otherwise, someone that has more experience with the MacRhino file system can maybe help further…