Recovering file help!

Hi–I had a file I was working on and before I saved it, it crashed. No problem, I reopened Rhino and it autorecovered fine, but then it crashed again before I could save it. When I reopened, it didn’t autorecover. In my autosave folder, there is a lock (.rhl) file that was made at the same time as the crashed file but no .3dm. Any way I can recover the original file somehow?

I’d like to upload the .rhl file here, but it tells me that .rhl is not a supported format for uploading.

No point in uploading the lock file.

Sounds like it’s gone unfortunately.

Do you have any idea where the file went? If it was autorecovered once, presumably it existed as a 3dm. Does Rhino delete files upon a crash or something?

if you have time machine set up, you can recover an older version-

if you don’t, your work is gone, and this is your call to set it up immediately.

see this thread