Please FIX recovery


Please guys improve a way for recovery lost job on rhino 6. It is outrageous to loose so many hours of work…Please make something…

Thank you

Did you have Autosave enabled?
Do you save your files “manually” from time to time?

If one or the other of the above is true, in principle you should not have lost “hours” of work…


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Yeah I had it on but due to large files it took a lot of time in order to save my work so I turned it off. Anyway even if I save my work i think that a function of recovery as autocad , adobe ,3ds max have is necessary.

Thank you

If Autosave is off, then saving manually (often) is your only viable option. Even if Autosave is on, saving manually is still a VERY good idea.

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Hi @cokerone1214 - Can you give us more info? What exactly happened? Did Rhino crash or you closed normally but the file is not opening? Are you saving locally or to a network drive? Also, do you see a 3DMBAK file in the same folder as the original 3DM file?

Hello Vanessa!

Rhino crashed when I tried to save my work. For some reason while I was waiting to save my work on a local drive it crashed and the program closed. Yeah I see a 3DMbak file but it doesnt contain my updates to my model. Also I tried to open rhinocrashdump file but it gived me an error too. Anyway I suppose there isnt another way than remodel my work so I just expressed a wish for rhino developers.

@Helvetosaur my rhino file crashed during save process and I still believe that a recovery fuction is a good idea

@cokerone1214 - Thanks! I suppose opening the actual 3DM file also gives you an error? Can you try Recovering the file? Run the Rescue3dmFile command and browse to the file. You’ll loose things such as Layer information but might recover some of the lost geometry.

I can open without problem my actual 3DM file but on stage that my work was on last save before crash.

Yes, that’s not fun - it does happen from time to time though, with all programs. One of the problems with V6 is that saving appears to be quite a bit slower than V5 - especially to a network drive. If you have a large file, that can make saving often - like every 10 or 15 minutes or so - a real pain.

I guess my only advice at that point is have a modular approach where not everything is in one large file, but rather in individual smaller files that have only the elements you need to work on currently and then assemble those using something like blocks or worksessions.

And, I guess you could switch to Mac and use “Versions”… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah I have an macOS system too but I dont work there cause rhino 6 hasnt released yet for macintosh.

Very good advice :grinning: That’s, by the way, one of the best features of the Mac version… :+1:


Yeah… Waiting, waiting…