Can't restore plans

I have created plans and then edited properties, set to auto update, removed the description and the frame.
Plans are on auto-updating and I can select them to do manual update.

Hi @Piotr I’m not sure to understand the problem. You say you have checked the “Auto-update” option for Plan views, but you can’t manually update them? Can you show an example of that with some sample files or screenshots? Take into account that the “auto-update” option for plan views only affect them when there are changes on the Level Manager.

When you move the plan view, or change its title, the plan view is regenerated automatically detecting changes on the 3D model, regardless of its “auto-update” checkbox status.

I am trying to explain the scenario:

  1. There is an object with plan that has no description or frame:
  2. After removing an object from the scene, plan can be updated by clicking existing plan resulting with an empty screen:
  3. New object appears on a screen:

    There is nothing to click to update. I’ve found vaSelPlanView command but the only witness of it is a tiny remark in object’s properties, nothing on the plan

    It was my first day yesterday with VA and, having working with different software for many years, left me bamboozled so many times.
    Object properties are scattered over so many places but most of all, it is very slow. An update of a simple scene takes minute or two, and if I want to check three boxes at once in a panel it makes me wait this long each time I tick anything.

Hi Piotr,
After you run the vaSelPlanView command, run the vaUpdate command. Take into account that if the new geometry is out of the boundary of the plan view, nothing will show up in there.

VisualARQ object properties can be edited from 2 different places: the Properties panel, and the VisualARQ Properties dialog. I agree the first one might take 2-3 clicks until you see the list of properties, but also take into account that after you have selected a VisualARQ object to change its parameters, the next time you select another object (of the same type), the properties panel already shows the VisualARQ object properties.

For the VisualARQ object properties dialog (the one you open with the vaProperties command) there is a shortcut consisting in double click on the object you want to edit.

What do you mean by “slow”? selecting a VisualARQ object in the Properties panel should not be slower (or faster) than selecting the Material panel or the Texture mapping panel of a Rhino object. If this is not your case could you record a video about it, so we can understand the slowness you are talking about?

Hi Francesc
You still owe me an hour :-), we need to talk.

Hi Piotr, let’s talk! I look forward to hearing your suggestions and requests.