VAUpdate Slow / Stalled on Sections and Plans

I’m having some trouble updating VA Plans and Sections - if I select all 7 in my model, the progress bar stalls at 9%. If I just chose one section to update, it stalls at 50%. Rhino is still using one core of the processor, but whatever its doing is taking forever.

Should I just re-make the sections and plans, or is there a fix / workaround please?

The file is quite large, 250 MB, and I’ve used a lot of groups, plus a lot of VRay materials, and its all Rhino objects, no VisARQ objects. The Levels dialogue is not showing (but I used it for this model). They worked fine in the model about a month ago, I’ve made a few geometry and material changes but cant see what the problem is.



Hi Jonnie,
Can you send the file to We will check it out and try to figure out what’s causing this problem. If you created the plan/section view once, you should be able to update it with no problem.

Thanks Francesc,

I will try and WeTransfer it later today.

Best wishes,


Hi, am experiencing exactly the same problem, either updating or doing a section takes for ever. What shall I do?

Hi @litma,

Which version of Rhino and VisualARQ are you using?
Can you send the model to so I can take a look and see what’s going on?