Update Rhino.Inside without Admin priviliges

Hey everyone,

In order to update Rhino.Inside Revit, currently we have to download another installer and install it again with admin priviliges. People, such as me, who are using Rhino.Inside in their company machines doesn’t have admin priviliges and IT department is tired of me calling them just to install Rhino.Inside new version. Funny thing is, yesterday I have installed Rhino.Inside’s update and looks like same day, new update has been published and I can’t call IT for another week :grin:.

I think it would be awesome if we would update Rhino.Inside directly in Revit. Is it possible?

Currently it is not possible because we need to modify the Revit setup a little to keep both Rhino and Revit in sync.

We did release a Rhino.Inside.Revit hotfix one right behind the other. Sorry to drive your IT department crazy.