Unwanted fixed line weight when using custom arrowheads

A frustrating problem when creating custom arrowheads for dimensions and leaders is that when you make the custom arrowheads single lines/curves they display and print with a fixed ‘hairline’ width instead of their defined print thickness.

An obvious workaround is to offset the curves and create hatches that mimic the thickness of the line weight but these will not update when the print thickness of layers/dimensions/leaders are changed.

I assume custom arrowheads simply lack an association to the print thickness of their parent layer/dimension/leader object?

Hi Connor -

This seems possible in the Rhino 8 WIP at least:



Hi Wim,
I was on a version of Rhino 7 but have now downloaded the most recent build of Rhino 8 WIP and am still able to replicate the issue.

If you change the print thickness of those leaders in your file and print them to a .pdf, do the custom arrowheads also change in thickness?

Thanks in advance!