Thick lines ruin arrowheads in Rhino 7.14

I am trying to make leaders with lines that are thicker than hairlines. When I increase print width and print display thickness, the lines are thicker, but the arrowheads go haywire, as shown in the following screenshot and model. Is there any way to solve this problem?

bad leaders.3dm (30.0 KB)

By the way, Rhino automatically turns off the print display, so you have to turn it on when you open the model.

Yes, this is more or less to be expected.

  1. Arrowheads are “screeenspace” objects, they do not change size with zoom level, so they will not be very usable as a substitute for leader objects. There are requests in for a non-screenspace arrowhead pending.

  2. The workaround now is to create a new dimension style and change (enlarge) the size of the arrowheads for leaders.

If you have a very thick lineweight applied however, as the leader line extends all the way to the arrowhead tip point, the tip of the arrowhead looks a bit funky:


Yes, the only workaround for this is to turn on PrintDisplay in your startup commands. Personally I use a keyboard alias.

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