Untrim to include a Command line option "Selected"

The request is to include a new option in the Command line for the “Untrim” tool called “Selected”. Upon selecting several surfaces (or sub-object edges via Ctrl+Shift), pressing the “Selected” option should untrim all the selected surfaces and/or edges at once. This will be a huge time saver while dealing with multiple trimmed surfaces that need to be fully untrimmed (including their inner holes). Also, it’s helpful for when multiple trimmed surfaces are adjacent to each other and untrimming may happen on the wrong surfaces, leading to multiple use of Undo. :slight_smile:

Hi Bobi - UntrimAll may be the ticket.


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Hi @pascal , thank you for the suggestion! I have never seen this command before, despite using Rhino for a long time! At least it’s not existing in the “Surface tools” toolbar which I use! I only see one icon there related to untrimming and its LMB command is ! _Untrim _KeepTrimObjects=_No , whereas the RMB command is ! _Untrim _KeepTrimObjects=_Yes. So, to me it looks like the “UntrimAll” command is somewhat “hidden” and only accessible via the the dropdown text menu or by typing it (assuming the Rhino modeler is already aware for its existence, which is not the case with me). :slight_smile:
I wonder how many other commands I don’t know simply because they are not included in the toolbar icons…

It can be useful to occasionally look through the list of commands. Command Quick Reference | Rhino 3-D modeling

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Wow, it’s pity that there are so many tools that are not included in the toolbars! That heavily affects the ability of the Rhino users to work with the program in an efficient way, by limiting their awareness for the full potential of the modeling and editing tools. I looked at this list and can see at least dozen commands for the first time now. For example, both UntrimAll and UntrimBorder commands could use a new single icon. The UntrimAll is especially useful and I have no idea why it was left hidden that way. :slight_smile:

The WalkAbout command, on the other hand, is included in a toolbar but not in the menu, which is the opposite of the above commands. That makes the Rhino UI kind of inconsistent when it comes to reaching certain commands.

We can add this, I’ll get it on the list, thanks.
RH-69885 Toolbar: Add UntrimAll to the Surface Tools toolbar.



Thank you, Pascal! :slight_smile: That will really help. I can’t think of how much time I spent on untrimming a huge amount of surfaces individually over the years. It’s a lot. :slight_smile: