Untrim request

Here is another Untrim request: When untrimming an unjoined surface it would be super helpful if only the selected edge would be untrimmed and not the entire surface boundary, unless specified.

I’ve spent untold hours over the years doing ‘untrim keep boundary, split boundary at 2 points, ExtendCurveOnSrf then re-trim’ to get one edge of a surface extended.

To untrim the entire surface it would be good to select the surface instead of the edge.



Hi Eric -See if RemoveEdge helps in at least some cases. For the last part, UntrimBoundray, UntrimAll, and UntrimHoles all take surfaces and not specific edges as input. Pre-selection and multiple selections work.


I had forgotten about UntrimAll, thanks. Didn’t know about RemoveEdge.


Hi Pascal,

Wouldn’t make more sense to rename RemoveEdge to UntrimEdge? then when we type untrim all possible options will autocomplete to be picked. I completely forgot about this command because it was not in my ‘untrim world’

I would also love to see an interactive trimcurveboolean and untrimcurveboolean when you can pick all the areas that you want your resulting trim/untrim to look like. Just one command. Maybe it could be a _Multiple option of the regular trim/untrim commands.


Hi Gustavo - yes, I would like a different command name - it takes me 10 minutes every time I want to use this (not often enough apparently ) to remember that the command name does not contain the word ‘trim’. Glad it’s not just me. ReplaceTrim is another one I always try.



Related to this, I find odd the choice of the Apply… Commands. Like ApplyEdgeSoftening, ApplyCurvePiping… If we are going to use apply why don’t we use it in every command? :grinning:
I mean, a command is an action to apply something. So if you are looking for edge softening, shutlining, etc… you want those to be the first letters.

I also think the autocomplete of these commands should have a logic grouping, not just alphabetical.
If I select a curve with curvepiping applied and I ant to extract its mesh when I type “curvepip” the command “ExtractPipedCurve” should show up. Now, Apply- aside why one is called CurvedPiping for applying it and the other called PipedCurve to extract it, it’s beyond me.



@andy and @margaret, Did you see this?

Those commands are not called that anymore:
Those names do not autocomplete anymore but you can still use them of course - else they would likely mess up some custom scripts and other individual set-ups. I still use the Elmo command all the time…

Elmo is Rebuild right?