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I’m working with a surface now with hundreds (if not thousands) of trimmed holes, when I want to untrim say, 20 holes it does the untrim operation every time I select a hole, with that many trims it takes a while even if I got a really fast cpu. It would be fantastic if there was an option to select all trims to untrim and THEN run the untrim on all.


Does the UntrimAll command do what you need?

There are also the UntrimHoles and UntrimBorder commands which allow pre-selection of surfaces… --Mitch

Hmm not sure if I used them right, seems neither of those did what I need.

I have one large single surface that I’ve ran a GH script on that produced hundreds of circles in varying sizes, I then split the large surface with the cirlce curves from GH and deleted the insides to produce holes.

Now I want to untrim some of those holes. The thing that takes time seem to be rebuilding the mesh, not the operation.

OK, only some of them.
A work-around for the remeshing issue would be to do the untrimming in wireframe mode…

That was a simple solution, tried it now on another part of the model where it was intersected by another part and it works but it was quite difficult to see which curves to select.

Even if it works somewhat it would be nice to be able to select multiple, maybe right click on the command (not sure if there is a right click option already, I always type it) would make it possible to select multiple curves before execution.

I agree that it would be good to be able to window or lasso select holes to delete instead of one-by-one. I created a request for this:


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Hi Mitch, could you open up the YT issue to the general public?

I thought I did…

It’s a pain - once you make the issue you have to go back to it and make sure public view is set in two locations:

Hmm, was it always this way? I don’t seem to recall having to do that before. --Mitch

You only need to set the ‘visible to’ field’. Public view is a field we use internally to help keep us from accidentally making issues public which really should never be public.