Materials are not visible in my model, but it does appear in render

Hello there. For no reason, my materials disappeared while working on my Rhino model. I use vray for rendering. When I look at my library of materials, none of the items have been deleted. They seem as they should be, but they do not appear on my model. I can only see them while rendering. Otherwise its just appears as a single color in all modes except render. I have limited time to complete my project, I cannot reassign all the materials. Is there any solution to fix this?

(I’m using Rhino 5)

Rhino 5 with which version of V-Ray ?

I’m using V-ray 5.

V-Ray 5 is not supported on Rhino 5


as I said many times on this forum - I’m even surprised it runs at all
The last supported version on Rhino 5 is V-Ray Next update 2.2

I am not sure exactly which versions I am using for vray as my program downloads are made by the IT department of my school. I’m using v-ray 5 for 3dsmax, I might have confused it. I’m not sure which vray I’m using for the Rhino 5. Can’t we still find a solution to this problem?

I’m trying to determine if your problem is solvable in a first place. That’s why I need the V-Ray version number. Can you please go to menu bar, then hit `V-Ray->Help->About V-Ray" and post a screenshot of the dialog that pops up here.

This is what appears.

ok, so that is fine for the compatibility - 3.40 (which is an ANCIENT release) is supported on Rhino 5.

However that particular V-Ray release is not supported by ChaosGroup anymore. It is simply too old - more than 4 years ago.

If your school have Rhino 6 or Rhino 7, is there a chance that you have a bit newer version of V-Ray installed there ?

Since we have been training online, I cannot install them for higher versions now. When I try to install it myself, I cannot set up v-ray. I am not very good at these issues. Actually this problem happened while I was on zoom meeting. My computer changed its resolution for no reason and all of my textures gone. When I turned it back to old resolution it was still same (no textures) . The same problem occurs with my friends using the upper version rhino and vray. None of us can find a solution.

can you share more details on how to reproduce the problem with the higher possible version for V-Ray (probably involving some of your friends) ?

If that is reproducible with newer versions (assume Rhino 6+, V-Ray 5+), then this:

For no reason, my materials disappeared while working on my Rhino model

Is not really helpful description.
At least answer the following questions

  • Does it happen with a new model with simple box
  • Does it happen when you copy the model to another computer
  • Where is the material library located - local, network share, drive you access via VPN, etc…?
  • Can you share your model, or at least one object of it that experience the texture loss

-The project I’m working on is now a housing project and includes high mb ready-made models.

-The same problem persists when I transfer it to another computer.

-Some materials belong to the v-ray library and some are from the materials I uploaded on the desktop.

-My v-ray materials library is in the bottom tab of the OneDrive document.

When I render, the textures appear like this.

But most textures are not visible in my model like this, only some textures are visible.