Flatten 3D surface and decal

Hi everyone,

I have a rugby ball shape made up of 8 panels.
The decal extends over 2 panels.
I flattened one of the panels using smash, but the decal is not included.

I found this post where a mesh is squished, but it does not produce the correct shape (left) as smash does (middle).

Is it possible to change the squish options or mesh generation to output a similar shape to smash?

Is it possible to have the decal flattened with the surface?

Thanks in advance.

my fast guess without trying:
you need to bake the texture first (this should include the decal)


Are those panels mesh objects?

This model is an imported STEP so it is isocurves.
I tried to convert the panel to mesh using ExtractRenderMesh with mixed results.
I tried to use the bake function. It created a bitmap file for the top gore, but when I baked it into the bottom gore, it produced a blank white bitmap.

I have attached the file. Many thanks in advance :pray:t3:
8.3dm (1.5 MB)

I joined all the surfaces to a single polysurface and tried _Bake to make a single bitmap texture including the decal… but for some reason the decal goes into the wrong side of the object.

That seems to be an old bug: RH-49197 Baked decals misplaced