'Smash' but retain texture?

Hello! is there any way to unfold this surface (Cylindrical mapping) and conserve the texture to be also smashed and distorted as texture of the smashed flattened surface?

Squish can do this but it won’t like to do the whole thing at once, you’ll need to split it up into slices. In the example, I meshed the object then exploded the mesh and Squished a couple of slices.
SquishTexture.3dm (392.2 KB)


Pascal! Thanks for getting into this, but unf I tried to replicate this with no real effect. think there you first of all need a proper baking of the cylindrical texture, which is not possible in Rhino. As I know Exactflat can do this for you, actually I want to replicate the whole process, but not so geometrically correct, because the plugin is really expensive. As you see, it only transfers the cylindrical texture. btw. the squished surfaces are not looking the same, even the original surface would be exactly the same…

Hi Hannes - I cannot quite tell - did my example look like what you expected and you cannot reproduce it in your file, or is it just wrong? You can post here or send the file to tech@mcneel.com and I’ll have a try at it.

thanks, -Pascal

thanks a lot for you insight Pascal, it worked in your file in my approach it only applied the cylindrical mapping, likewise I would love to have a better distortion more symmetrical like the smashed surface. You can grab the file here: www.data.hannesgrebin.com/Zeppelin_Hongkong_B.3dm

Hi Hannes - I get better results if I Join the eight slices, Mesh the result, then Explode the mesh and Squish the mesh slices… does that do anything you like?


I will try this immediately, but meanwhile I follow another more accurate approach. I smashed the surfaces, which should be ok for this balloon, and I created the pattern with curves. Is there a way to kind of fit the rectangular texture/linework sqeezed vertically into the smashed surface? as in the renderings? In illustrator there is Envelope Distort, which doesn’t work so good. I know I can try to create a cage/rectangle with one column to squeeze evenly over the whole surface. But is there a quicker and smarter approach? thanks! H

Hi Hannes - target, where the arrow points, is a surface made with Smash like the one in the file you posted , then try ApplyCrv of the pattern to this surface - that will pinch the pattern at the ends

The ApplyCrv curves must lie in the World XY plane.


@pascal you are simply a genius! Thanks a lot!!! H

Just the messenger, but thanks… =)


Pascal wouldn’t work in my case, any ideas?

Yeah- I guess the surface is a trimmed plane - in the file you sent the Smash result was not a trimmed plane - you can try using an untrimmed version (no details trimmed in as in your image) and Loft from one edge to the other, maybe with the Rebuild option and a good number of points (50 +), then ApplyCrv to that… does that look better?


Not really :wink:

Hi Hannes- please post the surface… I’ll take a look- my guess is the U and V of the surface need to be swapped (Dir command), or the curves rotated 90 degrees in Top. World X maps to the surface U and Y to V


Pascal, sorry, i don’t have it anymore. Do you have any idea how to create a flattened surface with texture like squish but the same symmetrical like Smash? This would be absolutely what I need. And super simple