Unroll Surface bug?

I’m trying to unroll a curled surface with some holes trimmed out and keep getting “surface is 100% smaller… Two surfaces unrolled”. But no unrolled surfaces to be found! Any ideas?


Please post a file with the unrolled surface in it.
It is impossible to guess without a specific example.


Here’s the file.


Double Curl.3dm (758.2 KB)

Hi Carl - it does not like the trims - I would check these carefully anyway, I see this, for example:

Probably not what’s intended. In any case, I think I’d untrim and retrim at a file tolerance of .001 (current is .01) and see how that works. If worse comes to worst, DupBorder, then UntrimAll, then UnrollSrf and choose all the border curves as the curves to unroll with the surface. The shape is not very useful, flattened, you’ll have to split it, I guess, so it does not overlap itself, or split the input object with an isocurve someplace in the middle (half way around from the seam point), then Unroll.