Workaround merging trimed surfaces

I am trying to unroll the attached object but am having problems with the the curved surface. It has been trimed and tweaked a number of times and finally mirrored. When I explode it I get six separate pieces. And I would of course want one so that I get my 2d shape in one piece.

I have tried merging the surfaces, but run in to problems beacuse previous trims have left edges unaligned.
I have tried deleting and rebuilding with a 2rail sweep, but the rail edges are also split in six, and I have not managed to merge them together.

Any suggestions on a walk around? I could of course piece the 2d pieces together, but I will probably be doing a few rounds of prototyping, so I would like to learn how to do this.

box headaches.3dm (2.7 MB)

Hello - if you Join all the faces on the curved part and UnrollSrf > Explode=No, I think you’ll get what you’re after…?


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the side surfaces are not planar. anyway use DupEdge on the curved edges and rebuild them by joining and using FitCrv, and use a little Fair because they keep producing a bumpy surface due to the funky degree transition, then use EdgeSrf. for the other surfaces redraw the lines and use EdgeSrf. joining them and using MergeAllFaces also does the trick.

Aspirin.3dm (105.4 KB)