Question: Unroll Surface

Hello everybody

Does anybody know a easy way to unroll this surfaces ?

I can only handle one surface at a time, so I have to put everything together at the end.

is it easier?
Tragwerk.3dm (3.4 MB)

Thanks a lot for your answer !

Hello - no file was included but UnrollSrf works on joined polysurfaces as well as surfaces - you need to pay attention to the command line setting for Explode=Yes/No.


Thanks for your answer !
i’m sorry, now the document should be uploaded

So I think the problem is that the surfaces are not in tolerance, so I can not join them

that is too bad

Hi Milena - if I am reading this correctly, there are basically just two surfaces, repeated in an arc pattern - is that correct?


yes exactly

Hi Milena - so, you can unroll one of each and then copy these if needed afterward - am I correct or am I missing the point of your question?


Hey Pascal
yes, but then I have to turn off and place each one at the right angle. Because I want to have the flat network and not just the individual bars…

Hi Milena - I see… but, I think, you only need to do that once for a pair and then you can array the result in a linear array.