Unroll network surface

Hi all!

For my master thesis, I need to unroll some facade panels to do some geometry tests with. Also I need the unrolled panels for manufacturing.
I used the Lunchbox unroll, which works for a lot of my test facades. But this does not work for network surfaces.
Next I tried the fabtools unroll to fix this problem, but there also it does not work with the network surfaces.
I need this network surface because of the constraints of the facade. Using a networksurface, the design of the facade should always be manufacturable.
Is there a way to unroll a network surface?
I know double curved surfaces are not unrollable, but those panels are not double curved. If I unroll them in rhino, it works, but I need the unroll in grasshopper.
unroll_problem.gh (5.4 KB)
designtool4.0_forum.3dm (17.4 MB)