Concern W/ Unrolling Surface Using Fabtools Component , Unroll

Hello there,
I am new to the fabrication through grasshopper and My question is regarding using the Fabtools component to unroll a surface for laser print but when I am unrolling the surfaces they are stacking upon each other rather separating from one another or simply unrolling as an entire surface cohesively. If there is any method to use with lunch box Any help will be greatly appreciated


Here you get some examples how to use the FT Unroll component. It’s pretty hard to understand for anyone, what and where something went wrong, without an example. Can you post an example File.


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use the series component on list length to create a point to lay the parts out.

unroll works just like the Rhino command, so ideally you have unjoined edges where you want the foldouts to be. ie, make a box in rhino, unjoin the proper edges and unroll, or get exploded version.