Unlock command while editing a block unlocks all model


In V8 for Mac, while editing a block, when you run Unlock (for exemple after locking an object inside the block) the entire model unlocks while you’re still editing the block.

I also tried erasing some objects, whiched worked from inside the block after running Unlock, and exit block editing by clicking apply.

When you do so, the Undo command cannot restore the deleted objects after the block edition was applied, it directly undoes operations done prior to block editing, including restore the previous version of the block, but the erased objects from inside the block are disappeared from history.

system_info.txt (4.4 KB)


Hi VL -

I see that here and put it on the list → RH-80859 BlockEdit: Undo issue

I just noticed this and came here to post about it. It’s also an issue for V8 Windows.