Unknown Kangaroo component used in Grasshopper tutorial

Hi, I am following a tutorial to achieve a familiar effect shown, but there is a kangaroo component used which I can’t find in both Kangaroo V1 and V2.

See images below:

Component 2

Here is the link to the video: Beijing international airport with grasshopper-parametric modeling in architecture - YouTube

the script I am looking at is at 1:54.

Also here the current test I’ve been working on
Ground_Level_Landscape.gh (53.5 KB)

That’s the solver

Hi Devin,

Thank you for your reply, but the solver components I have are very different compared to the one shown in the tutorial.

All of the solver components I have:

The Solver component of the tutorial is using:
Component 2

I think that’s the old version.
See here Kangaroo Physics | Food4Rhino the 0.099 version is the latest before the complete rework to current.

Anyway, you should be able to rebuild the old tutorial logic with current kangaroo goal objects.

Hi Riccardo,

I have both the 0.099 version and the 2.42 version installed. It seems that I only have solvers in the 2.42 version now. The problem is I am fairly new to grasshopper and have only started using Kangaroo in the past few days.

If it’s possible could you show me how to rebuild that script with the new Kangaroo components?


Hi @adam_murray272
You can find some basic example files for the current version here:

and here’s a playlist of a few Kangaroo 2 video tutorials from various people on youtube.

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your help, looking at the scripts you sent across gave a lot of insight and I should be able to learn a lot from looking at them.

I also managed to rebuild the script in Kangaroo V2 through the files you sent over and a video that explains what components have been renamed to.

Link here: Grasshopper - Kangaroo 1 vs. Kangaroo 2 - YouTube

Updated script

Selecting the anchor points was time-consuming and I am sure there is a significantly more efficient way to do this compared to using the List Item component to select each vertex.

Updated Grasshopper Script: Ground_Level_Landscape_Revised.gh (43.7 KB)

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I’ve ran into an issue where I can’t select a separate set of anchor points (highlighted into the image below) and change the force into a different direction within the same Kangaroo script without all of the mesh moving with it.

This is the next step in the video at 1:53

I’ve highlighted the areas in red which I want to move vertically

Here is the grasshopper script:

Ground_Level_Landscape_Revised2.gh (47.2 KB)