Unit conflict of mapping widgets


I found, that an import of objects based on different units cause a conflict of the mapping widget size. Simple example: create a cube of 20x20 mm and assign a sphere mapping -> Ctrl+C -> open new document with units centimeter -> Ctrl+V -> now we have a cube with the size of 2x2 units, the mapping widget match the size like before - so far so good, but the mapping parameter show 20x20x20. Editing the parameter show, that the old units are still used.

Please fix it so that imported objects get the right numerical widget size.


PS: I miss a function to quick post images here.

Micha - just drag and drop the image into your post. Some browsers (unfortunately not Firefox) also apparently allow you to copy/paste an image from the clipboard into your post.


OK - I understand this one. I think we can now fix this - I’ll log the bug and hopefully get it into SR6.

  • Andy