Texture mapping XYZ size with units

Texture mapping XYZ size should also accept values with units, (like 0.1m, 10cm etc).

Hi Bogdan - it does if you use a WCS projection in the texture:


Setting object mapping widgets by size should also work.


I’m talking about the sizes of mapping widgets …

Hi Bogdan - - the widget sizes (x,y,z size in Properties, if you show the mapping widget) look completely wrong, to me, I’ll look into that, but scaling and BoxEdit work on widgets, as well as setting the size explicitly when applying the mapping.


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Not sure if this is something else, or is the same thing as your “completely wrong” but over here I just noticed the size shown in properties for for the widget is the inverse of the size I get on the widget using Distance. so if I’m modeling in inches, and the mapping widget is 12 x 12, in properties it shows as 0.0833.

Sorry if its a repeat, but just wanted to make sure in case we weren’t talking about the same thing,

Hi Sam - thanks, it’s fixed now and I can’t remember if there was even that much logic, but it sounds like it might be right, what you describe…