Union of versions in the Windows taskbar


All versions of Rhino (6, 7, 8) are attached to the same icon (Rhino6) in the Windows taskbar.



I also noticed this. But not on every machine. In office i see them seperated. At home they are grouped in one as above.

At office I am using local zoo. At home cloud zoo. Maybe there is corelation?

Hello @mlukasz87

Do you have a different version of Windows on these machines?

At home Windows 10 home. At office Windows 10 pro.

So that’s not it. I am on Windows 10 pro.

I admit, I do not see why. but everything is possible.

Have you played with:


Maybe this can help you?
Me, in each case, Rhino, 6, 7, 8 are considered the same application.

I have there “always hide labels” on both machines. Anyway I don’t find this as a big problem for me. Maybe Rhino devs could take some conclusions from above info.


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Thanks @wim
I will continue on the link you indicated.