Unicode Symbols disappearing when print to PDF


I would like to report a small bug.
I realized I can put Unicode symbols in annotations. And it appears that if I choose a Font that does not have the symbol, Rhino will still render it in the viewport with some sort of substitute.

However, when being printed to PDF in Vector Output Mode, these substituted symbols are no long substituted. This causes some confusion as if those symbols would disappear in Vector Output Mode and not Raster.
Attached is a file with some examples of different fonts. It appears to me that Cambria and Arial Unicode MS have the symbols I need:
U+2334 Counterbore ⌴
U+21A7 Downwards Arrow from Bar ↧
U+00D8 Latin Capital Letter O with stroke Ø

UnicodeSymbolsProblem.3dm (229.8 KB)

This is tested on Windows Rhino 6 SR35

It maybe related to the following thread but that thread seems dead.

Hi Victor - I see this, thanks.

RH-65395 Unicode symbols lost in vector print


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Hello Pascal,
the issue seems to be still present. (RH 7.14.22010.17001)
Unicode characters work without issues in both Rhino and GH, but they get lost during print.
I tried all three ways of PDF export (Rhino, MS and Adobe) but all I can do is to just print raster output, which is not good
Is there any chance devs will ever get to fix it, or it is just a very low priority lets-just-leave-it thing?
I have a feeling that it really is something minor in bigger picture