Fonts change when printing/saving as PDF

Hi all. I’ve been having this issue for a little while now in Rhino 5. Whenever I print or save as PDF, any fonts that I’ve loaded myself don’t print the way they show in layout or in print preview. You can see my issue below. Different things happen with different fonts, sometimes the styles change and sometimes it just changes to random letters and symbols. However, when I use a preloaded font like Arial, it saves fine.

Hoping someone has some insight on how I can avoid this in the future. Thanks!

Hello - can you send an example Rhino file with text and the relevant font file? We can have a try here and see if we can figure anything out.


Thank you! Attached is some text in the font I was using but the forum won’t let me upload the font file. You can find it at the link attached. In other cases, some fonts are loaded from my Adobe Creative Cloud library so I don’t have a file to share.

text test.3dm (24.9 KB)


Hello - thanks - so far, here, I see some problems but not exactly what you describe - in the Annotation Styles (DocumentProperties) the font Avenir Std Lt does not show as being the font for the style - the font is blank - but it seems to be the only possible one in the list so I set that. When I do that the text changes on screen to a lighter-weight font and Print seems to look correct, though I see some change when switching between Raster and Vector output.
OK, that was V6… looking at V5 now…
In V5, the text shows Arial until I manually set it to Avenir, but at that point it seems to behave and print correctly so far (CutePDF printer)
text test (1).pdf (5.5 KB)


@kad0164 - it looks like the font file you linked is not the one used in the 3dm file (Avenir Light, not AvenirLTStd)