Unfold many surfaces

Hi everyone!
I want to unroll many surfaces at the same time (they are all inclined) and to make them stay together. I want to do a model in paper and be able to incline the surfaces in their intersection.

I don’t know how to use grasshopper
Thanks in advance:slightly_smiling_face:

UnrollSrf is the basic Rhino command for unrolling/unfolding surfaces which can be flattened without distortion (also know as developable surfaces). If the option Explode=No is set in UnrollSrf then the comand will try to keep the surfaces together when flattened. However depending on the number and how surfaces are joined some seams may need to be split when the surfaces are flattened.

At least one of you surfaces is twisted which means that it would have to distort to flatten. UnrollSrf probably won’t work with that surface, and a physical version of the design may not be able to be constructed by simply folding paper.