Unroll command

Trying to get a series of surfaces to unroll to a flat so I can get a pdf printed. I seem to be struggling to get more than one to do it at a time. Any ideas please?

stern letters.3dm (367.4 KB)

UnrollSrf only works on a single surface or polysurface so you need to use it for each letter. Someone may have a script for unrolling multiple surfaces simultaneously but it would probably take longer to download the script and get it loaded than just applying UnrollSrf 21 times. I’m not familiar with the Mac interface but in Rhino for Windows you can start UnrollSrf, select the surface to be unrolled, then use the right mouse button to repeat the last command.


The letters are trimmed surfaces. Run ShrinkUntrimmedSrf to shrink the underlying surfaces to minimum size.

Several letters are two surfaces. Use Join to join the parts of th letters into polysurfaces before unrolling. Tip - Select all the letters, then execute Join. When you use Join in that order you don’t have to select individual surfaces and it will automatically sort out which surfaces to join…

Hello - you can trick Rhino with NonManifoldMerge on the inputs, then UnrollSrf the whole thing.


@pascal That is a neat trick. Any potential repercusions when using other commands on the now merged surfaces?

Perhaps UnrollSrf could be enhanced to unroll multiple searches at once.

Hi David - I don’t know of any bad thing that can happen - if in doubt, Explode again, I suppose…


is that what it is supposed to look like? using mac Rhino v7


No, it’s supposed to be a flat version of this

I want to get a flat graphic for a decal.

I got the result I wanted in the end by exploding and then unrolling the rear panels instead.




There is also the Repeat command that may help to accelerate things.

Rodolfo Santos.