Unroll or smash?

i am helping a friend with small WingFoil project… model created and then using the unroll command to create a flat surface for template to cut material …
2 questions please.

  1. should I use unroll or smash?
  2. is it possible to mark a line on the unrolled surface so we can see where joins are? (see yellow line)

Hi rfollett

It would be more useful if you would be able to put file here to have a look on it.

  1. you need to understand what the difference between those function is.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2dYFw-4GLY (great explanation)

  2. You need to create intersection curves between those crossing objects
    (curve --> curves from object --> intersection)
    After that when you use “unroll” opt - select surfaces accept and then you need to select curves you want to have on unrolled surface.


thanks Dan, file attached

WingFoil-02.3dm (689.1 KB)

UnrollSrf accurately unrolls developable surfaces without distorting the surface… A develoble surface flattened with Smash may be distorted.

If the surface is not developable then it will have to be distorted to be flattened, and either Smash or Squish can be used. UnrollSrf will not work if a surface is not close enough to developable.

i did not realise i could select the line too… so all good - thank you

Developing and flattening surfaces in Rhino 5 (3:06 UnrollSrf, 4:50 CreateUVCrv, 18:42 Smash, 21:20 UnrollSrfUV, 24:38 Squish):

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