Unrolling surfaces

I need some help guys. I have created many developable surfaces for a canoe project and have hade to cut the surfaces and patch them a few times. When I unroll these surfaces the now unroll into multiple pieces. Is there a way to make them back into a single surfaces? I have tried the join command without luck.
Aloha Sam

Hi Sam,

Could you send a model to scrutinize? It’s hard to tell without an image or file.
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PS I changed the category to Rhino for Windows is that correct?

Hi Sam, Does _Smash work? That function allows you to join your pieces and to put labels.

Hi Sam - as Willem suggests, an example would be good, but in the meantime, check the Explode=Yes/No option at the command line in UnrollSrf.


Loft with Developable option frequently produces polysurfaces rather than single sufaces. The polysurfaces should unroll as a single polysurface if the Explode=No in UnrollSrf.

DevSrf is usually a better choice for creating developable surfaces with some practice and experimentation. It it usually requires extending the edge curves. DevSrf is a free plugin from McNeel available at http://wiki.mcneel.com/labs/devsrf

UnrollSrf is preferable to Smash or Squish for unrolling surfaces if the intent is to use the unrolled surface as a template. Smash or Squish may distort the shape.

Thanks that worked perfect!