Unequal Chamfer

In the attached file I have a polysrf with small steps (1/4", and 3/8"). I would like to chamfer the steps so there is a slope over a horizontal distance of about 1-1/2".

Is there some simple command that will accomplish this. I could trim back the services and create a new surface to create the slope but I have a lot of these to do.

Problem Chamfer.3dm (3.4 MB)

ChamferSrf allows you to set different distances to each side of the edge but is quite tedious and manual work, it doesn’t fit with your “simple tool” request haha.

My problem with Chamfer surface has been that these are polysrfs. ChamferSrf does not appear to fix the sides (as with a fillet). ChamferEdge does handle the sides but does not appear to have a means for unequal distances.