Chamfer srf strange result


I need to create chamfer 200/200mm between two surfaces.

What i am getting is some imprecise numbers quiete off from 200 when i measure the chamfer in whatever direction, perp or not perp. i cant see 200 anywhere. what is the logic of this command?
chamfer200_B.3dm (223.0 KB)
chamfer200.3dm (34.4 KB)

maybe i understand now afte i tried fillet srf with the same radius.

by my logic magenta color shows what chamfer distances should mean…
current behaviour is strange

testing just basic chamfer on planar polyline and it does what it should. keeping legs of the triangle as defined…

use it with a single / constant value and the option RailType distance from edge

see help for further info

hope this helps - if not: why ? - if yes: mark as solution so others don t need to dig into the topic - kind regards - tom

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